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Make AirPods Louder

How To Make AirPods Louder

Apple AirPods is undoubtedly high in demand and gives you clear noise, especially when on call. However, most Apple AirPod users are concerned about quieter AirPods. At times, you get frustrated and start searching for how to make AirPods louder.

Most of us prefer using Airpods as it is convenient and enables us to take calls without any hassle, it allows us to hear what we desire without disturbing others when and where we want, and most importantly, the sound is loud and clear. However, often the sound quality of the AirPod deteriorates with usage, resulting in AirPods getting quieter. But using certain tricks, you can get rid of this issue with ease.

In this blog, we have discussed some ways to make your Apple AirPods sound louder.

How To Adjust The Volume On Airpods

Human must be aware of how to adjust the volume on AirPodsand here are the methods.

  • People can use the volume button and keep pressing it repeatedly to increase the volume to maximum.
  • Ask Siri to adjust the volume on AirPods.
  • You first have to say Hey Siri, and then you can command it to raise the volume to the specified percentage you want. For example, raise the volume by 40% or increase volume by 40%.
  • You can also use Siri to lower the volume by giving the opposite commands.

Now let us seek answers to the question of how to make my AirPods louder.

If you are curious about why my AirPods sound low then, here are there are solutions. We have also given some ways to solve the issues.

How to Make AirPods Louder

Use a Clean Airpod

The AirPods have good quality sound when they are new. But as time passes by, you will experience the AirPods getting quieter. One of the reasons for this might be due to the dirt accumulated in the AirPods. Our ear contains earwax, and with continuous usage, the AirPods may get disrupted due to it. You can solve the problem by cleaning your AirPods frequently. However, the cleaning should be done carefully, without using sharp objects that might damage the AirPods.

Keep Airpods Away from Water

Keeping AirPods in contact with water may also lead to its damage, thereby lowering its sound. Therefore you should be careful to keep it away from the water. Also, you must be cautious while cleaning your AirPods that you do not use anything wet to wipe them. A dry cloth or cotton swap would do.

Volume Calibration Between the Phone and Airpod

It occurs when AirPods and iPhone confuse their volume settings due to their alternate use of volume controls, and it requires them to be calibrated so the AirPods can produce maximum sound.

  • You have to start using the AirPods as usual and lower the volume of the mobile phone to the minimum. Then disable Bluetooth from the control panel of your phone.
  • Now your AirPod is disconnected from the phone, and you hear from the iPhone speakers.
  • After you lower the iPhone volume to the minimum, you can connect the AirPods again by enabling Bluetooth.
  • Now, if you start using the AirPods, you hear only from the speakers of your AirPods. The sound will also be louder, and you can change the volume on the AirPods based on your preference.

Volume Cap Settings

Your AirPods volume may be low because of the settings in your phone. Here is a step-by-step procedure about how you can correct it.

  • First, go to iPhone settings.
  • Under that, go to sounds and haptics and select headphone safety.
  • A reduce loud sound on/off toggle is visible, which you must enable.
  • Then you have to adjust the decibel slider below that to the maximum limit.

This procedure might help make your AirPods sound louder.

Use a Charged Airpod

Sometimes, we get frustrated when a good working AirPod suddenly stops giving the desired output. A reason might be because the AirPod is not charged. Therefore make sure to keep your AirPods fully charged before using them.

The Volume Limit Feature

Too much volume can damage your ear. Thus, iPhone has a feature embedded in it for protecting your ears, and it is the volume limit feature. By adjusting the volume limit feature, the original volume is limited. If your AirPods are not sounding good, you can resolve the issue by turning off the volume limit feature in your iPhone settings.

Set Both the Airpods at Equal Volumes

Both your AirPods must be in equal volumes. If, not it may disrupt the hearing process. To correct this, you need to change it in the settings of the iPhone. Here is a step-by-step procedure of how this works.

  • First, head to the settings in the iPhone.
  • Select accessibility in the iPhone settings.
  • Under that, go to the hearing section and select audio/visual.
  • A slider will be visible with L(left) and R(right) at the two ends.
  • You need to ensure that the slider is balanced, with the button positioned in the middle portion.

This procedure helps equalize the two AirPods.

Apple Airpods

Standard Power Mode

Using your iPhone in the lower power mode can sometimes cause the audio to decrease than usual. Thus, ensure to use your iPhones in the standard power mode when using AirPods.

Make Sure to Turn Off the Equalizer in the Music App Settings

If your AirPods sound low while listening to songs, then you must adjust music app sound settings. You can check it with the following procedure.

  • Head to the settings on your phone and go to “Music” under that.
  • Turn off the EQ if it is on.
  • Also, try to ensure that the volume limit in the music settings is off.

This method can help you make the AirPods louder while you enjoy music.

Reconnect the AirPods again

If you still feel why are my AirPods are so quiet?this method can help solve the volume problem in your AirPods. For this, you need to head to the Bluetooth settings of your phone. Then tap the circled i near the AirPods and select forget this device. Then connect both again.


The blog gives you a clear explanation with step-by-step procedures of how to make AirPods louder. Then, you can bid farewell to low-volume problems in your Apple AirPods by following the instructions stated above. Happy hearing!

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