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Twitter's Additional Features Will Change the Way You Tweet

Twitter’s Additional Features Will Change the Way You Tweet

Twitter's Additional Features Will Change the Way You Tweet

A large part of Twitter’s appeal is its simplicity of use. It’s uncomplicated, elegant, and straightforward to use. If you’re not a fan of the straightforward layout, Twitter has steadily added more features. Here are 11 things that will alter your tweeting style.


Do you have a flaming desire to learn something? Want to experiment with a fresh concept? Do you want to discover what the public thinks about a forthcoming event? Thanks to the new Polls feature, this is now achievable without leaving Twitter. Twitter polls allow you to choose from four possible responses, which appear directly in your tweet. They survive for 24 hours when their bodies display the final totals.

Many people are still figuring out how to use the new feature in their business and personal Facebook accounts since it is still in infancy. Hootsuite has revealed 13 innovative Twitter poll ideas that you may utilize for your company. Buffer has identified nine different methods to use Twitter polls.


Three of my favorite items are as follows:

Sustaining relationships with individuals and allowing them to vote on what material they wish to see:

Polls may be an excellent approach to get your followers to read your material and engage them in creating and deciding what to publish.


Predictions: When they are requested

For years, people have made bets about who will win the NFL game or win the new television program. Innovative and enjoyable methods: Polls are a novel and enjoyable approach to getting predictions from your audience and engaging them in the discussion.

What You’ve Posted Has Attracted Attention

Fans and followers like feeling a sense of belonging to their favorite products and personalities. Polls provide an opportunity for individuals to develop even more intimate friends. Utilize polls to engage your followers in shaping your content strategy and allow them to express their preferences more or less in one easy click.

Full-Size Photographs

Twitter has always allowed users to tweet pictures or include images in their tweets, allowing users to add photos to their messages. Previously, just the image’s main horizontal strip was viewable. Twitter altered the way it displayed photographs and began displaying the whole image. This is an excellent term for those who rely on photographs to drive traffic to our websites and have had to work around Twitter’s cropping for years.


All the finest things that occurred throughout the web are compiled in an easy-to-use format. Moments’ goal is to keep people informed about current events in politics, sports, and more. You may also swipe through the subjects to discover further articles. Some individuals object to the new feature, believing it is unnecessary and obnoxious. Fans like how the function keeps them informed about upcoming events.


When you see a Moment, Twitter instructs you to do this.
  • When you click on a Moment, a page with a title and a brief description appears.
  • Start swiping to immerse yourself in the tale. Immersive full-bleed photos, movies, Vines, and GIFs begin playing as soon as the app is opened.
  • You may see the full Tweet with a single swipe, which you can favorite, Retweet, or otherwise interact with. Simply double-tap to immediately like the Tweet.
  • It demonstrates how much more each Moment contains.
  • Swipe up or down to return to the guide.
  • To send a tweet after a Moment, click the “Share” button. This will distribute your tweet to your followers.


Video in Native

You can now create and share videos directly from the Twitter app. Click the camera symbol, switch to video mode, then hold down the video recorder button to upload a photo. This is a speedy and simple way to connect with underutilized individuals. Here, entrepreneur, public speaker, and Internet rock star Gary Vaynerchuk discuss why Twitter’s new video function is critical for engagement, not just for content.

Reply with a retweet and a comment.

There is a lot about this that I like. Giving someone an “RT” used to take up a lot of space. Retweets now have the option to include a quotation. Whether you retweet or not, the way retweets are shown clean and elegant displays the whole message. If you include a quotation, the original post will be referenced. Regarding retweet adjustments, see this Hubspot post.

No limit on the count of Direct Messages

Previously, Twitter’s direct messages (DMs) were restricted to the same amount of characters as tweets. Direct messages may now exceed 140 characters. Therefore, why has this never made sense? If you’re taking a discussion offline, you’ll have more to say than 140 characters allowed. If you wish to send a tweet that exceeds 10,000 characters, you may now do it through Twitter’s mobile or desktop app and the web.

Additionally, it will function with programs such as Tweetbot. When Twitter attempted to resolve the DM problem, it took an extended period, but they have now. Therefore, do not be worried about reaching out and communicating with others. You are not required to keep your message brief.


Group Direct Messages

Additionally, they enabled simultaneous messaging with many recipients. This will simplify teams and individuals who need to communicate information more rapidly inside the app.

To Like Favorite

Twitter replaced the Favorite button with a heart-shaped Like button; the public was taken aback. A heart rather than a star will go unnoticed by Twitter users who use the site seldom. On the other hand, Twitter users were split on whether or not the decision was a good one.

Both, I believe, serve the same goal for me: nodding at individuals whose tweets I like and storing tweets for later viewing. I can take either position; it makes no difference which side I choose in the heart vs. star dispute. Who is to say? In secret, others may want to reintroduce the celebrity that everyone adores. Remain with us.


Twitter and Periscope are two of the most popular social media platforms.

Social networking is now one of the trendiest new trends, and this is one of the greatest examples. According to Business Insider, the app has surpassed ten million users only four months after its launch. Twitter and Facebook took two years to achieve ten million members, but both succeeded. Twitter discreetly acquired the app before its release. This indicates that Periscope and Twitter complement one another rather nicely. Win!

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